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HRZ N base

San Vittore


856 ft (261 m)


Offices, operational base

San Vittore is the key operational base of Heli Rezia.

Its tactical position in the Italian Grisons, but still on the outskirts of Bellinzona, offers the possibility of comfortably serving the whole of Ticino as well as a large part of the Grisons.

The base has offices, parking spaces and a hangar dedicated to the maintenance and parking of helicopters.

Rezia Heli Base in San Vittore
Heli Rezia Base in Ambri

3241 ft (988 m)




Headquarters, operational base

The main office and operational base is located on the Ambrì airport.

Located at the foot of the San Gottardo in the middle of the Alpine chain offers the possibility of easily serving both the northern areas of Ticino as well as the neighboring cantons. The mountains that surround it offer a perfect panorama for tourist flights.



4068 ft (1240 m)


Operational base

The Leysin Heliport which belongs to the Heli Rezia team, has been operating for over a decade with satisfaction and professionalism in collaboration with the Air Glaciers company. For further information on this basis we invite you to visit the websiteAir Glaciers.

Heli Rezia Base in Leysin
Heli Rezia North
HeliReziaN long cyan.png


Heli Rezia North

Representative office

Heli Rezia North operates in particular on the San Bernardino - St. Gallen and valleys axis, offering a valid alternative for competitive rates with maximum professionalism and safety.

With a representative office in Rothenbrunnen, we cover the Canton of Grisons in every part and rely on decades of experience from the project manager ,Sandro Zumkehr as well as the support of the internationally famous “Red Bull” athlete and pilot, Elias Ambühl.

San Vittore

Pilots area

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area piloti
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